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Photo of Prof. Douglas A. Hensler

Prof. Douglas A. Hensler


Dr. Hensler is currently the Dean of the School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. From June 2013 to October 2015 he served as Provost of the Naval Postgraduate School. …

Photo of Dr. Hasan Agan

Dr. Hasan Agan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Karaduman (BA in Management at Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences of Bogazici University and Ph.D. in Economics at Yildiz Techinical University, İstanbul, Turkey) is currently assistant professor in the Department of Economics at Yildiz Technical University.…

Photo of Dr. Dina Ahmed Amin

Dr. Dina Ahmed Amin

Senior Lecturer

Dina Ahmed Amin is a Senior Lecturer in Pediatrics Ain Shams University. She is concerned with managing and following nutritional and neurological cases in Ain Shams University Hospitals. She is a Member of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, the Egyptian Society of Child Neuro-Psychiatry (ESCNP) and the Gaucher Committee, project HOPE Egypt.…

Photo of Dr. Ali Abdel Aziz Salih

Dr. Ali Abdel Aziz Salih

Assosiate Professor

Ali Abdel Aziz Salih is currently an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Khartoum. He received his PhD in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University, USA in 1993.…

Photo of Dr. Md. Ekram Hossain

Dr. Md. Ekram Hossain

Research Associate

Dr. Ekram Hossain is currently working as a Research Associate at the Institute of Industrial Economics, Business School, Hohai University, Nanjing, China. He is attached with some professional and research organizations at different capacities including member, associate editor and research assistant. …

Photo of Prof. Ronald W. McQuaid

Prof. Ronald W. McQuaid


Ronald McQuaid is Professor of Work and Employment at the University of Stirling.  He has a Bachelors degree from Lancaster University, an MSc(Econ) from London School of Economics and a doctorate from Harvard University.…

Photo of Dr. Bhaskar C. Behera

Dr. Bhaskar C. Behera


Nature of Research: Bioresource Inventorization and Prospecting Research Interest includes: Plant Biotechnology, Biological screening of Secondary metabolites, Food science. Journals: Asian journal of Plant Sciences (Regional Editor) http://www.scialert.com African journal of Biochemistry (Editorial Board member) http://www.academicjournals.org Asian journal of Biotechnology (Technical Editor) http://www.…

Photo of Dr. Rajender Kumar

Dr. Rajender Kumar

Sr. Assistant Professor

Permanent Senior Assistant Professor at Department of Commerce, Rajdhani College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. His areas of interest include Marketing and Accounting. He has teaching and research experience more than ten years for UG for B.com.…

Photo of Prof. Severine M. Rugumamu

Prof. Severine M. Rugumamu


Dr. Severine M. Rugumamu is Professor of Development Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. One of his latest works includes Globalization Demystified: Africa’s Possible Development Futures. Dar es Salaam: Dar es Salaam University Press, 2005.

Photo of Caleb Adelowo

Caleb Adelowo

Senior Research Officer

Caleb M. ADELOWO is, at present, a Senior Research Officer at the National Centre for Technology Management. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.…

Dr. Akram Jalal-Karim


Dr Akram Jalal-Karim is currently the chairman of the Management Information System Department at Ahlia University, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. He is currently teaching Research Methodology for business and finance, Management Information Systems, Managing Enterprise systems, Project Management, Knowledge Management, Database Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Fundamentals of Management at Ahlia University.…



Dr Shitui T. R. is a brilliant lecturer whose statistical knowledge and applications of data mining in experimental projects has earned him significant recognition in Food Technology. He is a brilliant scientist with track records in Food engineering, Food processing and.…

Photo of Noor Ghazal Aswad

Noor Ghazal Aswad

Programme Officer

Noor Ghazal Aswad is a Junior Programme Officer at the Policy Advice and Capacity Building Directorate at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). She has an MSc in Engineering Systems Management from Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Science and Technology) and a BSc in Architectural Engineering from the United Arab Emirates University.…

Photo of Hasnain Zafar Baloch

Hasnain Zafar Baloch


Hasnain Zafar Baloch is working as e-Learning Manager at International Medical University (IMU). He has more than fifteen years’ hands-on experience with implementing e-learning in higher education. In 2013, he was ranked No.6 in the World and No.3 in Malaysia on the ‘Top e-Learning Movers & Shakers’ poll based on votes from1800+ learning professionals/educators around the world.…

Photo of Dr. Amal Abuzeinab

Dr. Amal Abuzeinab


Dr. Amal Abuzeinab is VC2020 Lecturer in Architecture with specialism in low passive energy design. Funded by EPSRC, Amal has awarded her PhD in 2015 from University of Salford. Her thesis title was Implementing Green Business Models in the UK Construction Industry: Opportunities and Challenges.…

Photo of Prof. Clement K. Sankat

Prof. Clement K. Sankat


Professor Clement Sankat is a member of the Executive Management Team of The University of the West Indies (UWI) and is currently Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Campus Principal of St. Augustine Campus. He was previously Pro-Vice-Chancellor Graduate Studies, Dean and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Campus Coordinator, School for Graduate Studies and Research.…

Dr. Ridha M. Al-Khayyat


Dr. Ridha M. Al-Khayyat is the director of Kuwait’s Institute for Banking Studies.

Photo of Prof. James Dickins

Prof. James Dickins

Professor of Arabic

Prof. James Dickins is a Professor in Arabic. He is involved in doctoral research supervision since 1987, and have successfully supervised 14 doctoral theses in the following areas as Arabic and general  linguistics, The Arabic linguistic tradition, Arabic/English translation: political, literary, and religious translation (Quran translation), linguistic aspects of Arabic/English translation, Arabic dialectology and sociolinguistics, English Language Teaching in the Arab World.…

Photo of Dr. Raymond Mark Kirton

Dr. Raymond Mark Kirton

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Raymond Mark Kirton is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of International Relations, The University of The West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, where he teaches graduate courses in the Global Studies programme.…