You can get in touch with us the following ways:

  • Email:  or by completing the form below.
  • Twitter: @WASD_news
  • Facebook: worldassociationSD
  • YouTube: WASD youtube
  • Executive Director: Dr. Samar Ahmed
  • Publishing Director: N. Joseph Navinraj
  • Social Media, Blogs, and Website: Patricia Garcia Gomez
  • Network Coordinator: Olivia Allen
  • Web Master: Richard James
  • Editor: Janet French
  • Publishing: Shine Vani
  • Audio/Visual: Joseph Adamson
  • Graphic Design: Vicky Trainer

London (Direction)
Royal Docks School of Business and Law
University of East London
University Square Stratford (USS)
1 Salawy Road
London E15 1NF

Brighton (Direction)
Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU)
Jubilee Building
University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9SL

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