Regional Meetings

These regional one day events are part of a series of events held primarily in preparation for the World Association for  Sustainable Development (WASD) 17th International Annual Conference co-organized with the United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya to be held in London in the period 17-19 June 2019. It will introduce the latest update from the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) policy research project A.435 entitled “Strengthening the policy research uptake in service of the 2030“.

For the first time in its 52 years of history, the UN will officially consult the academics and researchers on the policy research uptake in the United Nations. To that end WASD worked closely with JIU to complete this project. This represents an unprecedented opportunity for academics and researchers from universities and research institutes to express their opinions in a systematic way on this subject. The report will be publicly available, and the results of the report will be communicated for dissemination.

These events provide a golden opportunity for participating entities and individuals to:

  • Get introduced to the latest updates on the UN approach to strengthening the policy research uptake in the context of 2030 sustainable development agenda.
  • Have your views on key policy research issues such as: how do you see the role of science, innovation and research in service of the 2030 Agenda?; how do you reflect the SDGs in your own research activities?; and do you believe that the UN system is properly using scientific research in finding solutions to global problems?.
  • Network with delegates from the region involved and/or interested in policy research.
  • Learn more about the WASD 17th annual international conference and 6th diaspora international conference and the various possible ways to engage in these high profile conferences that promises maximum exposure for your organisation at the highest possible global level.

Please check our regional meetings last year and if you have any question contact Janet Snow ( and/or Reem Elhussien ( if you are interested to take part in any of our regional meetings/roundtable and/or you would like to host one of our regional events in your country.

London, UK: 13th March 2019
Khartoum, Sudan: 6th January 2019
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain: 18th February 2018
Khartoum, Sudan: 13th February 2018
London, United Kingdom, 5th February 2018
Marrakech, Morocco: 11th December 2017
London, United Kingdom: 4th December 2017