(08:45-09:10) Arrival Refreshments and networking

(09:15-10:45) Session 5 
Moderator: Dr. Rawad Hammad, King’s College London, UK
Rapporteur: Olivia Joseph-Aluko, Reinvent African Diaspora Network, UK

Getting into digital – where should we start
Dr. Rabie Saidi, European Bioinformatics Institute, UK
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Green productivity implications on long run sustainable economic growth
Prof. Elsadig Musa Ahmed, Multimedia University, Malaysia
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Breaking the veil of effortless effort in research and discovery in Nigeria: lessons from other clans
Sunday Afiko, Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
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(10:45-11:15) Tea/Coffee Break

(11:15-12:45) Session 6
Moderator: Rudi Page, Making Connections Work Ltd, UK
Rapporteur: Dr. Hemavathy NithyanandhanCollege of Applied Sciences, Sultanate of Oman

On incidence of Callus induction in the development of micropropagation of Acacia Senegal in Borno State of Nigeria
Prof. Gadzama N. Mamadu and Kaldapa T. JummaiUniversity of Maiduguri, Nigeria
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Environmental benefits of using Sugarcane bagasse in by-product development: A case study on EID- Parry (India) Ltd (EID-Parry)
Nivedha Nithyanandhan, University of Madras, India
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Islamic banking financing to SME: a unique tool to develop different network relations (Case study on Sudan, Kenya, Cyprus and Bangladesh)
Prof. Mohammed Nurul Alam, Yorkville University, Canada
Nurulayn Binte NoorWilfrid Laurier University, Canada
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(12:45-13:45) Lunch Break

(13:45-16:00) Sessions 7/8: Roundtable (3) Human rights based approaches for women empowerment and youth engagement
Prof. Siraj Sait, University of East London, UK
Rapporteur: Kaldapa T. JummaiUniversity of Maiduguri, Nigeria

Youth and the role of technology in implementing the sustainable development goals 2030
Olivia Joseph-Aluko, Reinvent African Diaspora Network, UK
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The role of women and youth in the Sudan uprising
Ibtehal Attaelmanan, WASD, UK
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Women leadership in higher education in Saudi Arabia
Lama Alghofaily, University of Lincoln, UK
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Ensuring equal opportunities for female researchers and academics
Prof. Verity Brown, University of East London, UK
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Questions and Answers

(16:00-16:30) Tea/Coffee Break

(18:00-20:00) Dinner and networking