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The conference is organised by several committees including WASD, United Nations Environment Programme, International Advisory Board and under close supervision of WASD Advisory Board.

United Nations Environment Programme

  • Jorge Laguna-Celis: Director, Governance Affairs Office
  • Kamar Yousuf, Senior Program Officer and Head Private Sector Unit, Governance Affairs Office


  • Allam Ahmed: President WASD
  • Siraj Sait: Director for Research, University of East London (UEL)
  • Janet Snow: International Coordinator and Editor
  • Nurulayn Noor: Youth Coordinator
  • Sunday Afiko: Students Coordinator
  • N. Joseph Navinraj: Publishing
  • Mhdi Safe Aldeen Ibrahim: Webmaster
  • Siham Ismail: Network Coordinator
  • Vicky Trainer: Graphic Designer
  • Ahmed Alnager: Graphic Designer

You can get in touch with us the following ways: