A. Ndedi and F. Nisabwe “Building partnership between universities and the United Nations System”

19th January 2019

Alain Ndedi and Florence Nisabwe Abstract: The session on ‘Building partnership between Universities and the United Nations System’ aims to bridge the gap between the academia and the United Nations system. At the heart of this platform is the move from field research to policy research within the spectrum of the implementation of the sustainable [more details]

(pp.085–102) A. A. Dafa’alla and E. S. Hussein ‘Towards an effective industrialisation process in the Sudan’, IJSR, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2017

8th June 2017

Adil A. Dafa’alla and Elmouiz S. Hussein Airbus UK, UK Marwan A. A. Adam Sudanese Knowledge Society, Sudan Purpose: To analyse the performance of the industrial sector in Sudan and assess the enablers and inhibitors to its full contribution to the Sudanese economy. Design/methodology/approach: review and analyse bench-marking industrial policies around the globe with the objective of extracting [more details]

(pp.67-81) M. N. Coppola, R. Pasupathy, R. Posteraro, M. M. Aliff and L. V. Fulton ‘Barriers and stakeholder dynamics to health policy reform’, IJFNPH, Vol, 6. No. 1, 2013

8th March 2013

M. Nicholas Coppola, Rubini Pasupathy, Robert Posteraro, Michelle M. Aliff, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), USA Lawrence V. Fulton, Texas State University McCoy, USA Purpose: The purpose of this article is to present issues associated with the barriers to national health care reform. These barriers are discussed through an emphasis on history, enduring [more details]