World Journal of Science, Technology & Sustainable Development (WJSTSD) is a unique global forum for academics, practitioners and policymakers from around the world to exchange concepts, research, and best practices about science and technology and to provoke forward thinking on the development of a more coherent approach to solving global problems related to sustainable development (SD). The journal aims to integrate the study of these disciplines to achieve SD and help to stimulate debate with a view to defining common, effective responses to tomorrow’s challenges.

WJSTSD is published in partnership with Inderscience Publishers (2004-2009), Emerald Publishing (2012-2020). It is Abstracted and Indexed by: Thomson Reuters Emerging Sources Citation Index, Cabells Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Economics & Finance and Management, INSPEC
and ReadCube Discover.

Published by Emerald in 4 issues per year
Current Issue – Vol 17 No 4 2020

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ISSN: 2042-5961 (Print); 2042-597X (Online)

The latest WJSTSD articles are available to download from the Emerald Publishing website. Articles published prior to WASD’s collaboration with Emerald are still available to download from this site:

WJSTSD V17 N3 2020
WJSTSD V17 N2 2020 Special Issue: Sustainable transformations of low income communities: multidisciplinary approach to scalable solutions
WJSTSD V17 N2 2020

WJSTSD V16 N4 2019
WJSTSD V16 N3 2019 Special Issue: Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) as a policy tool to achieve the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
WJSTSD V18 N2 2019
WJSTSD V18 N1 2019

WJSTSD V15 N4 2018
WJSTSD V15 N3 2018
WJSTSD V15 N2 2018
WJSTSD V15 N1 2018

WJSTSD V14 N4 2017
WJSTSD V14 N2/3 2017 Special Issue: Special Issue: Gamification, serious games, simulations, and immersive learning environments in knowledge management initiatives
WJSTSD V14 N1 2017

WJSTSD V13 N4 2016
WJSTSD V13 N3 2016
WJSTSD V13 N2 2016
WJSTSD V13 N1 2016

WJSTSD V12 N4 2015
WJSTSD V12 N3 2015 Special Issue: Sustainable development: a question of identity
WJSTSD V12 N2 2015
WJSTSD V12 N1 2015

WJSTSD V11 N4 2014
WJSTSD V11 N3 2014
WJSTSD V11 N2 2014
WJSTSD V11 N1 2014 Special Issue: New multi-disciplinary approaches and methodologies for sustainable development

WJSTSD V10 N4 2013
WJSTSD V10 N3 2013
WJSTSD V10 N2 2013
WJSTSD V10 N1 2013

WJSTSD V9 N4 2012
WJSTSD V9 N3 2012
WJSTSD V9 N2 2012
WJSTSD V9 N1 2012

WJSTSD V8 N4 2011 (Free Download)
WJSTSD V8 Nos 2/3 2011 Special Issue: The critical role of capacity building in achieving sustainable development in Africa (Free Download)
WJSTSD V8 N1 2011 (Free Download)

WJSTSD V7 N4 2010 (Free Download)
WJSTSD V7 N3 2010 (Free Download)
WJSTSD V7 N2 2010 (Free Download)
WJSTSD V7 N1 2010 (Free Download)

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WJSTSD publishes:

  • Original and applied research that critically examines the inter-relationship between the natural, the governmental, the economic and the social dimensions of our world and how science and technology can contribute to solutions
  • Fundamental and applied research on all aspects of SD
  • General and technical reviews of topical and/or controversial subjects which inform and stimulate debate
  • Conceptual papers or case studies which highlight the role of STI in achieving SD
  • Literature review or viewpoint on a particular topic or trend
  • WJSTSD encourages Guest Editors to submit proposals for Special Issues addressing particular (specific) issue(s) fitting with the broad theme of the journal or resulting from relevant conferences. Special issues focusing on a particular country or region would also be welcome.
  • Book reviews and/or evaluation of other literature and multimedia information packages

Scope and coverage

WJSTSD considers a broad range of topics, and papers can address subjects theoretically or empirically through either a descriptive or critical approach. Suitable topics include but are not limited to:

  • Science, technology and innovation (STI)
  • Role of STI in achieving SD
  • SD policies and strategies and the government involvement in SD practices and regulations
  • Research and development
  • ICTs and SD
  • Education and SD
  • Engineering, industry and sustainable manufacturing systems
  • Food security policies and sustainable food production systems
  • Future trends in STI
  • The impact of travel, transportation and tourism on sustainability
  • UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Water, energy and climate change
  • Impact of innovation and knowledge upon the productivity increase/enhancement
  • Knowledge-based economy and SD
  • The role of the informal sector in sustainable economic growth
  • Impacts and challenges of AIDS, malaria and other chronic problems on SD