From Oil To Knowledge: Transforming the United Arab Emirates into a Knowledge-Based Economy Towards UAE Vision 2021ALLAM AHMED is the Founding Director of the Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI).
IBRAHIM ALFAKI is an Associate Professor in the College of Business and Economics at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU).

December 2015 – 132 pp – Hardback
ISBN 978-1-78353-357-2 – £29.99

From Oil to Knowledge provides an evaluation of the UAEs successful attempts in utilising knowledge and available technological infrastructure to transform the country’s economy from oil-based to knowledge-based and towards the UAE Vision 2021.

Over-reliance on oil challenges the long-term sustainability of an economy. The UAE’s government has placed considerable focus on a comprehensive strategic planning exercise to transform the country’s economic structure from relying heavily on hydrocarbon resources to becoming a knowledge-based economy. Non-oil is to account for 80% of the country’s economy by 2021. From Oil to Knowledge examines the role of this major powerhouse of the Arab World to transform itself into a leader in the adoption of science, technology and innovation to drive economic success on the international stage.

In this first book to present and critically evaluate the extent of the UAEs success in diversifying its economy and implementing the principles and approaches of a Knowledge Economy, the authors identify the achievements of the government to date and the areas of further development. From Oil to Knowledge will be utilised as a guide by policymakers and senior managers to enhance their ability to think strategically towards implementing the pillars of a Knowledge Economy within their own organisations and nation states.

From Oil to Knowledge is a WASD publication, published in collaboration with Greenleaf Publishing.

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