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Photo of Eng Walied Abdelrahman Elbashir

Eng Walied Abdelrahman Elbashir

Founder & CEO Inbound L.L.C.Management
Work Dubai, UAE Website: INBOUND LLC


Visionary Entrepreneur | Futurist | Global 50 most Impactful Social Innovators | TOP 100 Sustainable CEO’s | Young Arab Leaders Member| Young Africa Leaders Initiative Curator | Artificial Intelligent Researcher | Re-Engineering People Life through sustainable technology adaption. Results-driven strategist, recognized for taking on major initiatives, adapting to rapidly changing environments and resolving mission-critical issues to ensure bottom-line success. Technically sophisticated and business-savvy professional with a pioneering career reflecting strong leadership qualities coupled with enormous experience. Walied have worked in UAE, GCC, Middle East, Europe, with industries such as government, tourism, transport, real estate, sports events, finance, aviation. Walied is an entrepreneur, started in 1995 when he was advised by a colleague to check the internet. He then co-founded City Cyber Cafe in Pune, India in 1996. In 1998 he joined the founders of cityshow.com which was the first online listing directory in GCC starting from Oman. In 2000 He then joined the founding team for a major e-government initiative to promote UAE as Head of IT & eBusiness, he was also a founding member of the committee to establish the eGovernment Initiative. In 2003 he joined of the founding team for Emirates Investment Group a group turned 8 billion-dirham multi activities business as Chief Information Officer. In 2004 he Founded Techoz Ltd as international business company in Seychelles enabling knowledge transfer to East African countries. In 2006 he co-founded Formula World Sport as the first sport management company in the region, taking it to global success by acquiring the exclusive world promoter-ship for UIM F2 World Cup Powerboats championship. In 2007 he co-found xData.com (now an Interactive Data Company) proving real time market data feed from stock exchanges, financial institutions & brokerages. In 2011 he founded Inbound LLC in Dubai to bring latest innovation in digital sphere to the region providing technology to airports, trains, metro, couriers services, ecommerce & transportation companies in GCC & the region. In 2014 Walied has introduced Elance to the UAE through the mobilization program; he worked with In5, The Cribb, Arabian Business, Turn8 to introduced “Work from Anywhere”, “Reinvent Work” and “The Pulse Community” to support entrepreneurship and to fight unemployment, after only 6 month from the launch the effort was very successful that Elance-Odesk now has started a full operation in UAE. In 2016 he started Global EVRT with a group of sustainability enthusiasts, started Global EVRT  a suitability initiative to promote smart mobility and accelerating the adoption of electrics vehicles, conducted the program in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, UAE, Oman & South Africa. In 2018 he founded INTUITIO OU in Estonia as smart mobility & autonomous driving start up aiming to solve road rages and reckless driving behavior which impacts billions on people daily especially in big cities around the world.



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