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Photo of prof. Paloma Bernal Turnes

prof. Paloma Bernal Turnes

Professor Rey Juan Carlos UniversityBusiness Management
Location: Washington, USA Anniversary: 1 January 1999


My GOAL is to make a difference in the field of international trade in teaching, research, and policy design. I am a consultant in international trade with specialization in statistics: multiple regression, structural equation modeling, latent class analysis, multi-mediation modeling, and multilevel modeling.

SPECIALIZATION: professional with more than 6 years of international experience (Argentina, Ireland, Hungary, France, USA, and Spain) in project development and project management of cooperative, engineering, international trade and research projects.

LANGUAGES: English, French and Spanish.

COMPETENCES: professionalism, planning and organizing skills, performance management, outstanding analytical skills, extremely collaborative and self-motivated, and excellent team player.

I hold a PhD. in Business Management (University of Rome, University of Nice, and Rey Juan Carlos University) and I am currently researching on transparency, trade facilitation and Public and Private Partnerships (PPPs) at Georgetown University. I am also leading the project “PPP in Trade Facilitation” and I am the Domain Coordinator of Trade Facilitation and eBusiness at the United Nations.

Previously, I was a Project Manager at INYPSA, focusing on international cooperation and engineering PPP projects financed by The World Bank and The European Commission. I am actively engaged in project leadership and research in cooperation projects in Latin America. I served as an International Trade Advisor at the Spanish Embassy in Hungary, and worked for Dell (Ireland), IBM (Spain), Caja Madrid (Spain) and Molino (Argentina).



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