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Photo of Dr. Moneim Elhassan

Dr. Moneim Elhassan

Public Health Practitioner Milton Keynes CouncilPublic Health
Location: Milton Keynes, UK


Moneim Elhassan is Public Health Practitioner at Milton Keynes Council and Volunteer Tutor for Peoples Open Access Education Initiative, UK. He studied Medicine (MBBS) at the University of Khartoum, Master in Community Health from University of Liverpool and Master of Public Health from University of Nottingham. Examples of his previous public health service experience come from work with the World Health Organization Essential Drugs programme in Sudan and as a Public Health Specialist Registrar in the UK. His current interest is in the use of social marketing techniques and health promotion through art and illustrations. He is a gifted artist and published cartoonist. His illustrations on the wider determinants of health are greatly enjoyed by SPHNUK readers and international audience. He is a founding member of the Sudan Health Consultancy group.



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