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Photo of Prof. Laetitia Radder

Prof. Laetitia Radder

Professor Nelson Mandela UniversityMarketing Management
Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Laetitia Radder is a ullf professor & Experienced researcher at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Her major passions: facilitation, teaching, mentoring, supervising & conducting research in culturally-diverse groups of varying sizes and knowledge levels, in academia and business in national and international environments. Specialist teaching fields: Marketing Fundamentals, Strategic Marketing Management, International Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Business Management, Services Marketing, Customer care, Retailing, Hospitality, Tourism and Research Methodology. Her research scientist rated by the National Research Foundation since 2008. Experienced in initiating, planning, designing and executing research, interpreting findings, writing reports and presenting findings at expert and grassroots levels. Outcomes are 38 articles in national and international scholarly journals, 54 articles in the popular press, 39 conference papers, and 31 seminars and workshops. Her research interest: customer behavior, satisfaction, delight, marketing & management of experiences, services & products in tourism, hospitality, retailing, adventure, hunting, game ranching and research methodology. I give back to the academic community through serving on the – Editorial boards of academic journals, reviewing journal articles and conferences papers and evaluating funding applications. Laetitia Radder outstanding personality traits: working on own initiative and as part of a team, professionalism, innovation, enthusiasm, dedication, a friendly and caring approach.



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