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Photo of Dr. Joseph M. Ntayi


Professor Dr. Ntayi is a Member of the: Emerald Research Network; International Research for Public Procurement (IRPP); Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Management (MILT) [UK]; Association of Project Management (APM); Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM) [UK]; European Union Marketing Association (MEUMA) etc. He is a reviewer of many International Journals, a Distinguished International Scholar publishing over 140 Journal articles in refereed Journals, Consultant and Practitioner with proven Professional and Ethical track record in: Research and Application Software Packages (e.g Linear Structural Relations [LISREL], Analysis of Moment Structures [AMOS], SPSS, Nvivo, LINDO, HLM, PLS); Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs); Entrepreneurship Ecology; Progress out of Poverty; Microfinance; Savings and Credit Cooperatives; Logistics and Transport Management; Procurement Management; Supply Chain Management; Project Risk Management; Social Performance Management; Insurance; Pensions Management; Social and Corporate Entrepreneurship. He has done a lot of work in: Improving the Youth Entrepreneurial  Mindset; Corporate Strategy, Coaching and Mentoring, Gender Mainstreaming, Public Sector Administration and Management, Assessing and Monitoring Universities and Higher Institutions of Learning; Curriculum Review and Development; Training and Assessment and Strategy. Professor Ntayi is also an Eminent entrepreneur.



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