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Photo of Janet Snow

Janet Snow

Editor WASDEditorial Office
Location: Brighton, UK


Janet Snow worked at the University of Sussex for over 27 years. Until the creation of the School of Business, Management and Economics (BMEc) in 2009, she worked exclusive for the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), in various roles including supporting several research units, administration for the research degree programme, and full administration for the Business and Management single honours undergraduate programme. With the formation of BMEc, her role was initially to support the researchers across the school; she also supported the research degree students in all areas of their studies. With the growth of the school, she then transferred her role to solely the research students, but also included administration of the Visiting Fellow programme, Training and Guided Study (TAGS programme, and Health and Safety administration across the school. Mrs Snow has proofread and prepared several books for camera ready copy, over 50 research degree theses, and numerous MSc dissertations. She has also organised many national and international conferences. These included the SPRU 25th Anniversary conference, and NickFest – in recognition of Professor Nick von Tunzelmann’s contribution to science and technology policy.

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