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Photo of Dr. Bhaskar C. Behera

Dr. Bhaskar C. Behera

Researcher Agharkar Research InstitutePlant Science Division
Location: Pune, India Anniversary: 1 January 1999


Nature of Research: Bioresource Inventorization and Prospecting Research Interest includes: Plant Biotechnology, Biological screening of Secondary metabolites, Food science. Journals: Asian journal of Plant Sciences (Regional Editor) http://www.scialert.com African journal of Biochemistry (Editorial Board member) http://www.academicjournals.org Asian journal of Biotechnology (Technical Editor) http://www. scialert.com Asian journal of Biological Sciences (Regional Editor) http://www. scialert.com American journal of food Technology (Associate editor) http://www. scialert.com American journal of Plant Physiology (Associate editor) http://www. scialert.com Asian journal of Biochemistry (Associate editor) http://www. scialert.com Biotechnology (Associate editor) http://www. scialert.com BMC Complementary and alternative Medicine (Reviewer) http://www.biomedcentral.com Biotechnology And Applied Biochemistry (Editor) http://www.babonline.org/ Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews (Editorial Board) http://www.academicjournals.org/BMBR Experimental and clinical Sciences (Editorial Board) http://www.giftinfo.uni-mainz.de/EXCLI International Journal of Biological Chemistry (Technical Editor) http://www. scialert.com Internet journal of Microbiology (Editorial Board member) http://www.Ispub.com Internet journal of Alternative Medicine (Editorial Board member) http://www.Ispub.com Journal of Biological sciences (Associate editor) http://www. scialert.com Journal of Biology (SJI, USA) (Editorial Board member) http://www.scientificjournals.org Research Journal of Phytochemistry (Regional Editor) http://www. scialert.com Microbiology Insights (Editorial Board member) http://www.la-press.com Integrative medicine Insights (Editorial Board member) http://www.la-press.com Journal of Biomedical Sciences (Editorial Board member) ACTA Scientiarum Polonorum (Editorial Board member)