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Prof. Maha Elwassef


Professor Maha Elwassef is a professor in medical biochemistry. She has been worked in DNA damage, antioxidants and osteoporosis disease.

Prof. Zeinab Mohamed El Gawady


Zeinab Mohamed El Gawady is a professor at Misr University for Science and Technology,  Faculty of Business & Economics, Egypt.

Dr. Ebtissam M. Salah

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ebtissam Mohamed Salah El-Din is a Assistant Professor Researcher of Child Health, NRC, Egypt. A member of Developmental and Behavioral Assessment Clinic at the Medical Services Unit, NRC, Egypt.

Prof. Dina Ibrahim Shehab


Prof. Dina Ibrahim Shehab holds a Master and MD in Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University. Currently, she is Professor in the Department of Clinical Nutrition in National Nutrition Institute (NNI), General Organization of Teaching Hospitals and Institutes, Ministry of Health, Cairo, Egypt and Head of statistics units of National nutrition institute.

Photo of Prof. Salwa M. A. Dogheim

Prof. Salwa M. A. Dogheim


Prof. Salwa M.A. Dogheim is an Emeritus Professor at Central Agricultural Pesticides Laboratory, Agricultural Research Centre. She Egyptian chemist, scientist, residue analyst. Recipient Certified, Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt, Food and Agriculture Organization, 1998.…

Dr. Hany El Shamy


Dr Hany El Shamy is a lecturer at the Department of Economics, Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political science, The British University in Egypt (BUE).

Prof. Raafat Awadallah


Professor Raafat Awadallah is a professor of medical biochemistry, his researches have included work on the protective effect of natural plants sources and drugs on experimental animal models subjected to induced diseases.

Photo of Randa Hamza

Randa Hamza


Randa Hamza is a researcher in the Economic and Business History Research Center at the American University in Cairo. She earned her Master’s degree with highest Honours in Economics in International Development at the American University in Cairo.…




Dr. Elhefnawy is a lecturer at Cairo University. Her research interests are in the areas of Economic Theory, Economic Development, Agricultural Economics, Natural Resources & Environment, Human Development, and Rural Development.…

Dr. Hala Megahed

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hala Mohamed Salah Eldin Mostafa Megahed is an Assistant Professor Researcher of Child Health.

Prof. Adel Mohamed Ali El-Asfahani


Dr. Adel Mohamed Ali El-Asfahani is Professor of Medical Biochemistry, Dept. of Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, Egypt School at Cairo University in Egypt, completed his internship and residency in general medicine with subsequent Diploma in Medical Sciences.…

Photo of Dr. Dina Ahmed Amin

Dr. Dina Ahmed Amin

Senior Lecturer

Dina Ahmed Amin is a Senior Lecturer in Pediatrics Ain Shams University. She is concerned with managing and following nutritional and neurological cases in Ain Shams University Hospitals. She is a Member of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, the Egyptian Society of Child Neuro-Psychiatry (ESCNP) and the Gaucher Committee, project HOPE Egypt.…

Photo of Dr. Ibrahim Elnur

Dr. Ibrahim Elnur

Associate Professor

Previously: director of the Middle East Research Awards (MEAwards) at the Population Council, Cairo (1999-2001); visiting researcher, OAS-AUC, co-founder and coordinator of the Group for Alternative Policies for Sudan (GAPS) (1996-1999; visiting research fellow, 1993, RSP/International development centre, University of Oxford(1993) Bergen University (2006),  (associate professor, El Fatih University, Tripoli, Libya (1995-1996); head, Department of Economics, Juba University, Sudan (1990-1995); and assistant professor, Juba University, Sudan (since 1986).  …

Photo of prof. Mervat Foda

prof. Mervat Foda


Professor Foda has two Patents: “Production of herby soft cheese”. No: 118 / 2008, and Formation of Dairy Beverage for Autistic Children 636/ 2015, the Academy of Science Research & Technology, Egypt.…

Photo of Dr. Reham Rikz

Dr. Reham Rikz


Reham Rizk is a Lecturer in the Department of Economics at the British University in Egypt. She is a member of the Middle East Economic Association (MEEA) and regularly contributes to debates and workshops in the MENA region on Governance and inequality.…

Prof. Mervat El-Rafie


Prof. Mervat El-Rafi is a professor at Cairo University. She is an expert on public health and family medicine speciality MCH. Prof. Mervat El-Rafi is teaching all branches of public health more than 35 years.…

Photo of Dr. Sherine Ghoneim

Dr. Sherine Ghoneim

Acting Managing Director

Sherine  F. Ghoneim is the Acting Managing Director and Director of Communications and Policy Outreach at the Economic Research Forum with more than 20 years experience in international development. Sherine has long standing national and international experience in designing, managing and evaluating programs and projects.…

Prof. Mehrevan Mustafa Abd El-Moniem


Prof. Mehrevan Mustafa Abd ElMoneim is an assistant professor in medical biochemistry. Her research has included work on prooxidants, antioxidants, obesity and osteoporosis disease.

Photo of Dr. Mona Anwar

Dr. Mona Anwar

Assistant Professor

Mona Anwar is an Assistant Professor of Medical Biochemistry. She is especially interested in the effect of nutrition on the pathogenesis of different diseases. Her research has included work on antioxidants, obesity and diabetes.

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