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Photo of Dr. Salma Y. M. Mahmoud

Dr. Salma Y. M. Mahmoud

Associate Professor

Dr. Salma Y. M. Mahmoud is an Associate Professor of Construction Engineering and Management and head of the Civil Engineering Department at University of Science & Technology, Sudan. As an academic staff member, her research interests and efforts have lately been geared towards legal aspects relevant to construction contracts, claims, conflicts and disputes and the investigation of possible sustainable options for building materials.…

Photo of Dr. Salma Mohamed Mekki Kanani

Dr. Salma Mohamed Mekki Kanani

Assitant Professor of Public Health and Senior Community Physician

Salma Mohamed Kanani is a medical doctor by profession. Graduated from faculty of medicine university of Khartoum in December 1994. I joined the Sudanese ministry of (SMOH) in 1995 and enrolled in its civil service trail.…

Photo of Dr. Mohamed Yousif Sukkar

Dr. Mohamed Yousif Sukkar


Mohamed Yousif Sukkar, MB BS Khartoum, PhD Edinburgh. Researcher, MRC, UK. Head Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum. Dean, Graduate College, University of Khartoum. WHO, Consultant, Medical Education, EMRO.…

Hussein Abdelrahim El Obeid


Hussein Abdelrahim El Obeid graduated from the University of Juba, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental study in 2003. He attained his MSc in Wildlife Biology at the Faculty of Animal Production, Sudan University of Science and Technology in 2011.



Associate Professor

Mohammed Mahgoub Hassan is an Associate Professor of Parasitic Weeds Bio-Control, currently working as a researcher at the Bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizers Department, Environment, Natural Resources and Desertification Research Institute, National Centre for Research, Khartoum, Sudan.…

Photo of Prof. Ali Saad Mohamed

Prof. Ali Saad Mohamed


Prof. Ali Saad Mohamed graduated from the University of Khartoum in 1971 as a veterinary surgeon. He was promoted to District Veterinary Officer in 1973 and worked as a Zoo Veterinary Officer from 1973-1975.…

Dr. Elobeid Abdelraheim Elobeid


Dr Elobeid Abdelraheim Elobeid graduated from the University of Egypt in 1981 and worked as Block Inspector from 1982 until 2000. He attained his MSc (1998) in Animal Production Science at the Faculty of Animal Production, Khartoum University, Sudan and his PhD (2007) in Poultry Production at the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Poultry Production, Omdurman Islamic University.…

Photo of Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa

Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa


Dr. Mustafa is a Founding Member of the Arab Academy of Sciences, a Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Overseas Science (Belgium), the Secretary of the UNESCO-EOLSS Joint Committee in Charge of the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems and Editor-in-Chief of the UNESCO Science Report.…



Professor of Weed Science

Abdelgabbar Eltayeb Babiker is a Professor of Weed Science, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Khartoum, Sudan. He was a regional coordinator for Striga Research East Africa and to the International Sorghum and Millet Research (INTSORMIL) funded by USAID.…

Prof. Abdel-Malik Mohd A. A. Rahman


Abdel-Malik Mohamed Abdel-Rahman  is a Professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Khartoum. He is expert on Mathematical Physics, Particle Physics and Cosmology, General Relativity.

Photo of Prof. Asma ElSony

Prof. Asma ElSony


Asma Elsony is a Respiratory Epidemiologist and Public Health expert, trained in Khartoum University Hospital, West Middlesex, and Llandough Hospital Penarth & later worked as a lecturer in Tropical Medicine with Professor Allan Woodruff on parasitic diseases, onchocerciasis, malaria and sleeping sickness.…

Photo of Dr. Sarra Ahmed Mohamed Saad

Dr. Sarra Ahmed Mohamed Saad

Associate Research Professor

Dr Sarra was born in Sudan and awarded the PhD degree in Soil Science in 2002 from University of Goettingen, Germany. She was graduated from Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum majoring in Soil Science. …

Photo of Dr. Izzeldin Adam

Dr. Izzeldin Adam


Dr. Izzeldin Fadl Adam obtained his PhD from the Department of International Health and Medicine at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Across the field work of humanitarian crisis Izzeldin was challenged to apply his knowledge in health and nutrition emergencies, where he learnt practical lessons from IDPs and bridged the gap between theory and practice.…

Photo of Mohammed Eljaily

Mohammed Eljaily

Medical Student

Third year medical student. Head of health medical education in Khartoum medical students association.

Photo of Dr. Hania Morsi Fadl

Dr. Hania Morsi Fadl

Founder & CEO

Dr. Hania Fadl graduated from Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University in 1970; and practiced medicine in Sudan from 1970 to 1974. In 1974 she received a governmental scholarship to specialize in diagnostic radiology in the UK (St.…

Abd Elmagied S. Merghani


Abd Elmagied S. Merghani (MSc) works in diagnostic radiology at the Royal Care International Hospital, Sudan. His current areas of interest and research programmes are related to radiology studies in computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Elkhtab Mohamed Abdalla


Mr Elkhtab Mohamed Abdalla is a researcher at the Environment and Natural Resources Research Institute, National Centre for Research, Sudan. He holds a Bachelor’s of Sciences Degree in Agriculture (Soil and Environment Sciences) and a Master’s of Sciences Degree in Agriculture, University of Khartoum.…

Dr. Babiker Mohamed Elamin

Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Babiker Mohamed Elamin is Assistant Research Professor of Soil Science in the Department of Environmental Pollution, Environment and Natural Resources Research Institute (ENRRI), National Center for Research, Ministry of Science and Communication in Khartoum.…