WASD has built a strong network of researchers, policy makers, educators, consultants and employers from all parts of the world to exchange knowledge and experience and discuss current developments and challenges. This directory include all people who either participated in any of our various events (conferences, seminars, workshops, debates, etc) and/or contributed to one of our publications (books and journals). If you are interested in joining the WASD network directory, please  complete the application form. Please check your details in our directory after 48 hrs and if you can not find your name, please contact the directory coordinator at admin@wasd.org.uk.

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Photo of Mohamed Kamal

Mohamed Kamal

Key Account Director

Active team player and visionary leader with substantial ICT experience in technical and managerial roles. Enthusiastic about achieving
challenging goals and finding unconventional solutions. Having a strong theoretical background supported by an M.Sc.…

Photo of Dr. Randa Diab-Bahman

Dr. Randa Diab-Bahman


Dr. Randa Diab-Bahman is an advocate for empowerment, equality and change. She has successfully established several non-profit groups which serve a spectrum of causes and have a global reach. She strives to help remote communities,  especially those with women & children, and provides opportunities for the local youth to get involved and give back.…

Photo of Nagesh Tummapudi

Nagesh Tummapudi

Senior Engineer

Nagesh possesses diverse multi-cultural experience with large organizations in India and the Middle East. Track record of enhancing performance and productivity through operational excellence across varied industries. Gained expertise in developing and deploying performance management systems (BSC), and leading change management initiatives to impact business performance of the organizations.…

Photo of Dr. Mohammed O Batwaih

Dr. Mohammed O Batwaih

Senior Expert

Dr.  Mohammed Batwaih is a senior expert at the Arab Planning Institute in Kuwait (a regional development organisation). He obtained his PhD degree in Development Economics and his MSc degree in Industrial Planning.…


Associate Professor

Ali Husain Muhammad is an Associate Professor of management and Head of the Management and Marketing Department at Kuwait University. He teaches management courses in the business school for undergraduate and graduate students.…

Photo of Dr. Alamedin A. Bannaga

Dr. Alamedin A. Bannaga

Senior Expert

Dr. Alamedin Bannaga is a senior expert at the Arab Planning Institute in Kuwait (a regional development organisation). He received his PhD degree from Manchester University. He worked for several universities and gained professional and research experience through his work in regional financial
institutions, such as the Arab Monetary Fund.…

Photo of Prof. M. R. Riazi

Prof. M. R. Riazi


M. R. Riazi is currently a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Kuwait University. He was previously an Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University (USA), where he also received his MS and PhD.…

Dr. Ridha M. Al-Khayyat


Dr. Ridha M. Al-Khayyat is the director of Kuwait’s Institute for Banking Studies.

Photo of Khaled Alhashash

Khaled Alhashash


A knowledge sharing advocate and knowledge architecture, Al Hashash has cultivated a lifelong passion for knowledge based learning, critical thinking, leadership, and open mindedness. Al-Hashash has an excellent reputation for integrity, action-oriented, and delivering results.…




Mahmoud Elgamal is a professor at the Kuwait University.


Photo of Dr. Hanadi Al-Mubaraki

Dr. Hanadi Al-Mubaraki

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hanadi Mubarak AL-Mubaraki is an Assistant Professor in Kuwait University. She teaches project management in civil engineering for undergraduate and graduate courses as well as management course in business schools.…

Photo of Hasan Ghura

Hasan Ghura

Business Instructor

Hasan Ghura is a Business instructor at Box Hill College Kuwait. He attained his early education and high school studies in Kuwait, then moved to the United Arab Emirates and gained a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from University Of Sharjah in 2004.…



Lulwa El-Ewayed is a researcher from Kuwait’s Institute for Banking Studies.