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S. Afiko “Lifting the veil of effortless-effort in research and discoveries in Nigeria: lessons from other clans”

Sunday Afiko, Uyo Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria


This topic is born out of the need to address the present situation in Nigeria in line with the theme of this Conference, “Making science, Innovation and research work for the sustainable Development Goals.” By way of Definition Lifting the Veil is a corporate law parlance that means removing the protection accorded to a juristic personality in order to discover the operators of the company so as to hold the liable on behalf of the company. Simply put, this paper will be making a clinical examination of the obstacles to implementation of research recommendations and scientific discoveries in Nigeria with much focus on the solutions to the obstacles. The paper will be divided into three parts, the first paper be the introduction and definition of terms and problem statement. The second part will make a clinical and empirical examination of the problems bedeviling researches and discoveries in Nigeria by researchers and scientist. The third part will proffer clinical and empirical solutions to the problems with   examples of their applicability in   other clans such as the United Kingdom and America. This paper suffers some limitations because it is intended to be presented within 15minutes therefore it will be straight to points and will only serves as a catalyst to spur or wet the audience appetite for further investigations, discussions and deliberations on the subject of discourse. However, it is strongly believed by the presenter that if these recommendations are adhered to the effortless -effort invested on researches with no fruit to show for it will yield a positive result.

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