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R. Hammad “Artificial intelligence-enabled framework for sustainable education”

Rawad Hammad, King’s College London, UK

Nowadays, sustainability is a key goal that everyone aims to achieve. This fact manifested itself in a number of initiatives, local and regional governmental plans and actions and most importantly the worldwide Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Achieving the sustainable development gaols requires a huge effort to bridge the gap between what is already exist and what needs to be achieved by 2030. This presentation aims to explain the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve sustainable development gaols, especially in Education. Currently, AI-enabled technologies exist everywhere from recommending a movie in a certain media platform to predicting postnatal depression before symptoms appear. It becomes more obvious that AI can seamlessly perform complex tasks on behalf of humans based on a combination of advanced technologies including Machine Learning, Analytics, Knowledge Representation, Natural Language Processing to mention but a few. The successful implementation of AI technologies necessitates better capture for problem context which can be done through the presented framework rather than adopting technologies in a decontextualised way.

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