M. Abdelfttah “Sudanese women and development”

Mona Abdelfttah Abbas Mohammed, National University, Sudan


The objectives of this paper are: to promote women’s empowerment through the building of their capacities and knowledge-sharing and networking, to analyze the potential of women's economic contribution in the new development in Sudan, to clarify how some factors interact with women and influences in their participation in development such as: labor force, health, women roles, and social. To achieve the goals of the paper, analytical descriptive research method has been used to study the factors, question its aspects and activities. The study relied on primary and secondary sources. The most important findings are: Women empowerment process is affected by many factors, women participation in development in Sudan can change their present situation towards gender equality and to have a solid ground to defend their rights, the participation of Sudanese women in development extends to freedom from ignorance, disease and poverty and fear, and all forms of degradation of the dignity and humanity.

Keywords: Sudanese women, women’s empowerment, knowledge-sharing, economic contribution, women participation in development, gender equality.

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