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M. Frutos-Perez “Online and blended learning reimagined: co-creating better futures”

Manuel Frutos-Perez, Cambridge Education Group, UK

Education that is locally resonant and globally aware within the context of dispersed international cohorts who actively co-create knowledge together is a new paradigm that has great potential to make significant positive contributions to the wider society and help us address global challenges. This session will give the audience an overview of the latest trends in online learning and will focus on best practice applied to supporting international cohorts of professional part-time online learners. The principles presented will be contextualised in existing online postgraduate courses from universities such as Queen Mary University of London, Southampton University and Falmouth University, developed in partnership with Cambridge Education Group. The novel online pedagogical model that underpins those courses will be presented through real examples implemented on e-learning platforms. The development process and delivery of the courses is accomplished through a public-private partnership that brings into the process the distinct capabilities of both sectors, creating a sustainable and efficient learning experience of the highest quality as a result. Conclusions will be evidenced with anonymised data on attainment, learner satisfaction and continuation, giving attendees clear information on what techniques work best and the correlation between multi-layered support mechanisms and learner success.

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