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F. Fortune “Delivering Health and Education Advocacy locally and internationally”

Farida Fortune, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Abstract: Good health well-being, and equity of education are a human basic right and at the heart of the of the UN sustainable goals. However, vulnerable communities whether in large affluent cities such as London or internationally are increasingly disregarded. This leads to poor nutrition and health outcomes, as well as a lack of economic and financial empowerment and ultimately marginalisation. Leaving these groups especially which mainly includes women and children open to all forms abuse. Advocacy is urgently needed to empower these groups to combat the resulting consequences of physical, sexual, phycological abuse as well as coercion in young males and females. Advocacy may use using person/ community centred approaches to inform, raise confidence and empower the individual to take ownership and have a voice in their environment and personal and community needs.

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