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(pp.099-129) A. Al-Shirawi, S. El-Hajjar and C. Dennis ‘An empirical study of exploring and confirming a reliable scale’, IJIKMMENA, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2013

International Journal of Innovation and Knowledge Management in Middle East and North Africa (IJIKMMENA)Abdulmonem Al-Shirawi and Said El-Hajjar, Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain
Charles Dennis, University of Lincoln, UK

Purpose: This paper attempts to empirically explore and confirm a scale that was developed to measure the level of market orientation in a resource-based economy among financial services providers.
Design/methodology/approach: This will be undertaken through the collection of primary data and testing of the extent to which such data fit with the model that was developed. A reliability test was therefore employed together with exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, building the measurement model and using SPSS and SPSS AMOS software. This was undertaken through the collection of primary data and testing of the extent to which such data fit with the model.
Findings: This model is set with four constructs, namely: corporate culture, strategy formulated and implemented, structure and systems employed, and market-orientated activities. Each of these identified constructs is measured by three items, apart from the “strategy formulated and implemented” construct, which is measured by four items. The results were supported by experimental design and statistical analysis outputs.
Originality/value: Most of the previous work covering the market orientation construct used models that were developed in a different context with different level of economic development and cultural backgrounds. Data were collected directly from management within the financial services sec- tor and reflect their views and perceptions of the businesses level of market orientation. These are considered the most reliable data available in this context.
Keywords: Market orientation, Service marketing, Resource-based economy, Marketing planning
Paper type: Research paper

IJIKMMENA V2 N2 2013 Al-Shirawi-El-Hajjar-Dennis-Itemid=.pdf
IJIKMMENA V2 N2 2013 Al-Shirawi-El-Hajjar-Dennis-Itemid=.pdf
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