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A. Sabri “Components of Development Model”

Ahmed Sabry, Qudrah for development and investment company, KSA

This paper shows the methodology of development model, which is mainly divided into three components:
(1) Closed System: Through the closed system, the development relation to be built between human and place by knowledge building and management, as to achieve the targeted value (cognitive, social, economic, sovereign, etc) ending up with benefit system which to achieve sustainability.
(2) Qudrah Model: This model is to build high capable organizations, as to include organizations of the five sectors achieving four frameworks (Value Building, Relation Between Sectors, Future Stability, Formation Stages).
(3) Sustainability Model: Through this model, standardization is to be reached and set regarding Bases, Rules, and Principles. As a result, Cognitive Program to be formed, which will lead to achieving Learning Program.

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