WASD is very keen to encourage the engagement and empowerment of all citizen across the world with particular focus on children, youth and women. Our various community engagements initiatives and projects together with our various partners across the world aim to encourage the engagement of everyone and to make the voices of all citizen heard and consequently enabling the decision makers to consider those views and ideas in their big decisions.

WASD is very keen to understand the various perspectives and expectations of all citizen for their future and accordingly help them be ready to grasp the various opportunities generated in the digital economy. We strongly believe ordinary citizen should be the cornerstone of any strategy by all governments and policy makers. We must listen to everyone particularly our children and youth and more importantly how we can help our youth with their future employment plans and aspirations. Youth from all-over the world are encouraged to participate in all our events and activities and present their research, perspectives and initiatives.


Since the start of the current global lockdown from the Coronavirus pandemic, WASD has been continuously engaged in organising various awareness events such as seminars, roundtable debates, interviews, etc live on Facebook page using live streaming applications. You can watch all the videos produced during the Covid-19 global lockdown here.

Partners and Media

WASD is very pleased to work closely in the various various prestigious organisations from all-over the world. To achieve its goals, WASD accepts support and donations from individuals and organisations across the world which will make a significant contribution to our initiative by giving the opportunity to the youth from across the world particularly from poor developing countries to participate in these initiatives. Therefore, your organisation name will potentially be seen and appreciated by a large number of people and organisations from all-over the world. We are also grateful for all National and International Press and Media agencies who provided an excellent media coverage of al our various activities across the world.

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