The future of Sudan after lifting the US sanctions

16th October 2017

Saturday 28th October 2017 (14:00-17:00) University Square Stratford – London, United Kingdom Early this month (6 October 2017), the US government has lifted parts the sanctions against Sudan towards normalizing relations which was promoted by Sudan’s efforts to end conflicts within the country, allowing good access for humanitarian purposes as well as good cooperation with the [more details]

Sustainable Cacao of Tesoro Escondido

2nd April 2017

  Follow Sylvana Urbina’s  2015-2016 journey in a sustainable cacao project. Witness beautiful landscapes, unique wildlife, sustainable cacao, amazing people, and chocolate, lots of chocolate! #WASDBlog #sustainable #cacao #chocolate Latest posts by Sylvana Urbina   All images in ‘Sustainable Cacao of Tesoro Escondido’ are property of *protected email*, unless otherwise stated. For usage rights contact her directly.