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Dr. Imène Guetat is an economist at  Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne, France.

Photo of Dr. M. Nicholas Coppola

Dr. M. Nicholas Coppola


M. Nicholas Coppola is the Director of the Master of Science Program at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. He is also the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Regent for West Texas.…

Photo of Dr. Meera Tiwari

Dr. Meera Tiwari

Associate Professor

Dr. Meera Tiwari is associate professor of international development studies at the University of East London, where she leads the Master of Science program in NGO and Development Management.

Photo of Dr. Gavin Melles

Dr. Gavin Melles

Senior Lecturer

I am or have been research supervisor for PhD projects in Australia and Germany. Sustainable development, design thinking and education are the areas I work on in Teaching and Research. I’m involved as researcher CI or Phd supervisor with 3 CRC projects: CRC Low Carbon living and AutoCRC (focused on Malaysian EV Bus project).…

Photo of Dr. VIJAY K. BHASIN


Associate Professor

Dr. Vijay Bhasin is an Associate Professor at the University of Cape Coast. He has a teaching experience for 38 years. Specialities: Macroeconomics, International Economics, health economics

Photo of prof. Andrew Elder

prof. Andrew Elder


A clinician and educator with interest in the promotion and preservation of core traditional bedside skills of history and physical examination in clinical medicine, I have taught and assessed young doctors’ bedside skills in over 20 different countries.…

Photo of Prof. Olusegun Felix Ayadi

Prof. Olusegun Felix Ayadi


Olusegun Felix Ayadi received the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Finance from The University of Mississippi. His several years of academic experience include positions at several universities around the world.…

Photo of Saeed Bahidrah

Saeed Bahidrah

Doctoral Student

Saeed Bahidrah is a doctoral student in Eastern Michigan University’s programme in Technology, majoring in construction management. He is interested in lean construction, sustainability and green buildings. He is currently working on his dissertation on the factors predicting construction firms’ employees’ likelihood of adopting green building practices.…

Photo of Dr. Sara Taha

Dr. Sara Taha

Specialty Registrar

I am a speciality registrar in Neurosurgery working in London. I completed medical school at the University College of London and have been working in the NHS hospitals since graduation. I am particularly interested in sharing of knowledge, education and health equality.…

Photo of Dr. K’ADAMWE K’NIFE



Dr. Kadamawe Knife holds a PhD in Sustainable Development and an MSc in Economics. He currently leads and coordinated the BSc in Management and Entrepreneurship Option as a researcher and lecturer in the Mona School of Business and Management, The University of the West  Indies.

Photo of Dr. Ayat Abuagla

Dr. Ayat Abuagla


Ayat Abuagla is Public Health Physician; Reproductive health and Health system expert. She has diverse work experience through positions in healthcare, academia and professional associations. She assumed positions in the Federal Ministry of Health including Head of Research and Publications at the National Human Resources for Health Observatory (NHRHO), Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Quality Directorate officer of the HR Development Directorate.…

Photo of Dr. Naglaa Elsayed Abdallah

Dr. Naglaa Elsayed Abdallah

Associate Professor

Nghly cited journals in the field of diagnostic radiology. She has attended many conferences as a speaker or as an attendant. She is aglaa Elsayed is an Egyptian doctor. Holding Master and MD in Diagnostic Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.…

Photo of Prof. Klaus Sailer

Prof. Klaus Sailer

CEO of the Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship

Klaus Sailer is Professor for Entrepreneurship at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and CEO of the Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship. He holds a PhD in Physics. He studied at the Ludwig Maximilian University (Chair Hänsch) in Munich and did his PhD at the Research Centre for Environment and Health (GSFForschungszentrum für Umwelt und Gesundheit – GSF).…

Photo of Ghada Osman

Ghada Osman


Graduated at University of Khartoum with BSc in Chemistry and I have MSc in Biochemistry. I work at Sudanese Women in Science Organization (SWSO) as a capacity building program manager.…

Photo of H. E. Fahmi Bin Ali H. E. Al Jowder

H. E. Fahmi Bin Ali H. E. Al Jowder


Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 1986 from University of Bahrain, and obtained his Master of Engineering Management in Construction & Facilities from George Washington University, Washington D.…

Prof. Hadisaputro Suharyo


Prof. Suharyo Hadisaputro, Sp.PD-KPTI is Professor at the University of Diponegoro Semarang. He is also the Head of Doctoral Study Programme in Medical Science, Post Graduate School. He is Assesor of National Accreditation Board for Higher Education.

Photo of Moa M Herrgård

Moa M Herrgård

Deputy Organising Partner

I have always strived for indirectly or directly helping people in need, with the purpose to help them to help themselves to a more worthily and happy life. I am an outcome oriented person.…