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Photo of Ghada Osman

Ghada Osman


Graduated at University of Khartoum with BSc in Chemistry and I have MSc in Biochemistry. I work at Sudanese Women in Science Organization (SWSO) as a capacity building program manager.…

Dr. Elfatih Abdelaziz Ahmed Mohammed

Associate Professor

Elfatih Abdelaziz Ahmed Mohammed is an Associate Professor of Weed Science, Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC), Sennar, Blue Nile State. Currently, he is working as a Researcher of Weed Science especially in the Bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizers.



Assistant Professor

Dr. Khalid Mirghnee Yousif Mohammad is a University lecturer (Assistant professor), systems analyst and software engineer with 12 years experiences in deferent computer disciplines. Khalid is based at the of Computer Sciences, University of Bahri (former University of Juba) – Sudan.…

Photo of Prof. Ahmed Mohamed EL Hassan

Prof. Ahmed Mohamed EL Hassan


Ahmed Mohamed EL Hassan is currently an Emeritus Professor of pathology at the Institute of Endemic Diseases, University of Khartoum, which he initiated in 1993. He graduated from the Kitchener School of Medicine (now the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum).…

Photo of Somia Okoued

Somia Okoued


BSc (Honours) in public & environmental health, Sudan, University of Khartoum 1998
Diploma in Malaria control 2002
MSc in public health, Sudan, University of Khartoum 2004
Diploma in Epidemiology, United Kingdom, London school of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 2007
Fellowship in Global health, Leadership and management track, USA, University of Washington 2009.

Dr. Yassir Abbas Saeed

Assistant Professor

Dr. Yassir Abbas Saeed has been an assistant professor of economics at the school of management studies, Ahfad University for Women, Sudan, since 2004. He holds a PhD in Development Planning from Graduate College, University of Khartoum.…

Dr. Abu-Bakr Yagoub Ibrahim Mohammed

Associate Professor

Dr Abu-Bakr Yagoub Ibrahim Mohammed is an Associate Professor of Community Medicine, and Head of the Community Medicine Department and senior lecturer at the College of Medicine, Elrazi University. He is registered as a Community Medicine Consultant at Sudan Medical Council.…

Abd Elmagied S. Merghani


Abd Elmagied S. Merghani (MSc) works in diagnostic radiology at the Royal Care International Hospital, Sudan. His current areas of interest and research programmes are related to radiology studies in computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Dr. Ahmed Mohmed Adam Eldoma

Associate Professor

Dr Ahmed Mohmed Adam Eldoma is Associate Professor at the College of Forestry and Range Science, Sudan University of Science and Technology. He has worked as an ACF at The Forestry National Corporation, Sudan, as Production Control Officer seconded to the Sudan Gum Arabic Company for two years.…

Photo of Prof. Mubarak Abdelrahman Abdalla

Prof. Mubarak Abdelrahman Abdalla


Prof. Mubarak Abdelrahman Abdalla is a professor of soil science in the Department of Soil and Environment Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum (U of K), Shambat, Sudan. He has professional training dealing with soil fertility/Chemistry, dry land farming, waste management and nutrient cycling.…

Prof. Elsiddig Ahmed Elmustafa Elsheikh


Professor Elsiddig Ahmed Elmustafa Elsheikh is an environmental microbiologist. He is a holder of First Class Honours from the University of Khartoum (Sudan) and a PhD from the University of Reading, (UK).…

Photo of Dr. Magda Mustafa Sadig

Dr. Magda Mustafa Sadig

Associate Professor

Dr Magda Mustafa Sadig is Associate Professor at Future University. She is a researcher in Sudan fertility control Association. She is positive; proactive and results-driven senior relief officer. A development and project Coordinator in Sudanese Red Crescent.…

Prof. Hamid H. M. Faki

Professor and National Expert

Professor Hamid H. M. Faki is currently a Freelance Professor and National Expert for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Sudan. He earned his PhD degree from Universitate of Hohanhiem in Germany.…

Photo of Muzamil Abdelkarim

Muzamil Abdelkarim

Managing Partner

Co-Founder & Managing partner of Blackstone Ventures, a unique hybrid of both a Venture Capital & Management Consulting Firm, that supports & services Startups, Social Enterprises, Social Innovation and Businesses.  …

Photo of Prof. Ahmed H. Fahal

Prof. Ahmed H. Fahal


Prof. Fahal trained in medicine at the University of Khartoum, Sudan. He then pursued his post-graduate surgical training in Khartoum and London leading to a consultant surgeon position at Soba University Hospital, Sudan.…

Photo of Prof. Ali Saad Mohamed

Prof. Ali Saad Mohamed


Prof. Ali Saad Mohamed graduated from the University of Khartoum in 1971 as a veterinary surgeon. He was promoted to District Veterinary Officer in 1973 and worked as a Zoo Veterinary Officer from 1973-1975.…

Dr. Mohamed Osman Idris

Associate Professor

Dr. Mohamed Osman Idris is an Associate Professor in Plant Pathology, currently working at the College of Agriculture, Khartoum University, Khartoum, Sudan. He has been a Lecturer on plant pathology since 1975.…

Rayan Mohammed Ahmed Madani

Reserach Assistant

Ms Rayan Mohammed Ahmed Madani is a research assistant at ENRRI. She holds a BSc Honours degree in biotechnology science from Omdurman Islamic University. She has attended many training courses in Sudan in molecular biology, micro-RNA and DNA CHIP technology and computational chemistry.…