Khartoum 2019

The role of the private sector in achieving Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development in Sudan

Sunday 6th January 2019 (13:00-16:00) Khartoum, Sudan
Host: Yagoub Group, Khartoum – Sudan
Venue: Al Salam Rotana Hotel

Target audience: Private sector, business, SMEs, academics, researchers, UN agencies, NGOs, civil society groups, youth, students and other stakeholders

Focus: Public-Private-Partnership, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Business, Investment, Global, Science, Technology, Innovation, R&D.

During the event, you will learn how to become engaged with the United Nations system and explore the opportunities to participate in the World Association for  Sustainable Development (WASD) 17th International Annual Conference and 6th Diaspora International Conference co-organised and hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya, 10-12 June 2019. The event will also introduce the latest update from the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) policy research project A.435 entitled “Strengthening the policy research uptake in service of the 2030“ which include issues such as: the role of science, innovation and research in service of the 2030 Agenda; how institutions reflect the SDGs in their own research activities; and how the UN system is properly using scientific research in finding solutions to global problems?. The event therefore provides a golden opportunity for participating entities and individuals to:

  • Learn more about the these high profile conferences and the various possible ways to maximise the exposure for your organisation at the highest possible global level.
  • Get introduced with the latest updates on the UN approach to strengthening the policy research uptake in the context of 2030 agenda.
  • Network with delegates involved and/or interested in policy research.
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Mr. Salih A. Yagoub, Chairman, Yagoub Group

WASD/UN international conferences
Allam Ahmed, Founding President WASD and Founder Sudan Knowledge, UK
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Concluding remarks 

The theme of the two conferences is to strengthening the role of science, innovation and research (SIR) uptake in service of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development (SD). The conferences will therefore critically examine the important role of SIR for the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and to provoke forward thinking on the role of SIR in solving global problems related to sustainability. We are very keen to encourage the engagement of children and youth from across the world in the conference. Youth from all-over the world are encouraged to participate in the conference and present their research, perspectives and initiatives. Equally, women’s participation is also very important in advancing peace, unity and combating terrorism, which is a most serious threat to SD across all regions of the world. 

World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD), UK
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Kenya
United Nations Joint Inspection Unit (JIU)
University of East London, UK
Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI), UK
Sudan Knowledge (SK), UK

Registration & Venue: By invitation ONLY. Please contact Reem Elhussien ( and mobile: 0907775122) to book your place.