Organising Committee

The conference is organised by several committees including the Academic Advisory Board and Technical Advisory Board under close supervision of WASD Advisory Board.

Conference Chairs

  • John-Paul Okeke: International Coordinator
  • Natalia Romero: JIU Coordinator
  • Sara Altigani: Social Media
  • Janet French: Editor
  • N. Joseph Navinraj: Publishing
  • Richard James: Webmaster
  • Joseph Adamson: Audio/Visual
  • Vicky Trainer: Graphic Designer

You can get in touch with us the following ways:

  • Email: .
  • Twitter: @WASD_news
  • Facebook: worldassociationSD
  • YouTube: WASD youtube
  • Brighton Office
    Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU)
    Jubilee Building
    University of Sussex
    Brighton BN1 9SL
    United Kingdom
  • London Office
    Ground Floor South
    14 Old Square
    Lincoln’s Inn
    London WC2A 3UE
    United Kingdom
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