Abstracts 2018

The following papers have been submitted for consideration:

Challenges to sustainable development Public-Private Partnerships: customers, employees and investors (Beverlee B. Anderson and Catalin Ratiu)
Public Private Partnerships and sustainable urbanization development: evidence from China (Wei Xiong and Dajian Zhu)
Public-Private Partnerships as a strategic approach for roads-bridges development and implementation of sustainable development goals in Nigeria (Luckman Raimi)
Renewable energy for sustainable development and the impact on the global economic system (Shawqi Al Dallal)
Public Private Partnerships and their relationship with Sustainable Development in Brazil (Danilo de Oliveira Sampaio)
Privatisation and women’s employment position in Sudan (Limiaa Abdelghafar Khalfalla and Elsadig Musa Ahmed)
How to make PPPs work for sustainability development? a case study of bicycle-sharing service in China (Huanming Wang, Bin Chen, Wei Xiong, Liuhua Yang & Dajian Zhu)
Building digital capacity for sustainable development (Amer Al-Roubaie)
Public Private Partnerships in Social Services (Ronald McQuaid)
Individual factors affecting administrative innovation (Hala Abou Arraj)
Dynamic sustainability of risk allocation in Private Public Partnership project (Bin-chao Deng, Yihong Wang and Han Li)
Islamic banking finance to small entrepreneurs: a case of Kenya (An Institutional Network Approach) (Mohammed Nurul Alam and Nurul Ayn Binte Noor)
Mental health well-being within UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (Lade Olugbemi)
An exemplary case of a research and development collaboration between the Northern Municipal Council and local universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain (Mahmood H. Alaafia)
Combating Desertification in Sudan: Experiences and lessons learned (Sarra Ahmed Mohamed Saad)
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