(pp.119-131) B. B. Anderson and H. Al-Mubaraki ‘The gateway innovation center: exploring key elements of developing a business incubator’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2012

Purpose – The objective of this paper is to identify the key components to developing a successful business incubator as an effective tool for economic development based on the case study of an unsuccessful effort.
Design – The Gateway Innovation Center case study presents an opportunity to examine some possible pitfalls of developing a business incubator. A scant four months after opening, the organizers of the incubator decided to give up on the project. Exploring the various missteps in the formation of the Gateway Innovation Center provides a better understanding of key issues in developing successful incubators.
Originality – Very few business incubator failures are examined. This is one of the first case studies to examine the short life of a highly anticipated business incubator in an area of Southern California that was seeking to foster new businesses and create jobs in a region of relatively high unemployment.
Keywords Business incubators, Incubator case study, Key issues in developing Business Incubators
Paper type Case study
Outlook Anderson_Almubaraki.pdf
Outlook Anderson_Almubaraki.pdf

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