(pp.065-075) S. Nwankwo, K. Chaharbaghi and D. Boyd ‘Sustainable development in Sub-saharan Africa: Issues of knowledge development and agenda setting


Abstract: Against the backdrop of debilitating economic and social conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), sustainable development discourses have often elicited emotive reactions. This is largely due to different and confusing prisms from which the subject is treated. Although, remarkable progress has been made to enrich our knowledge of the subject, however, much of the orthodox knowledge reflects axioms that are inextricably linked to the idiosyncrasies of the developed world. Consequently, many African countries have remained bystanders in the discourse yet they bear the brunt of the disruptive ecosphere. To reverse this, the concept of sustainable development should be considered from a more broadened perspective, taking more account of Africa’s contextual subjectivities than is presently the case. Thus, for Africa, the discourse should be sufficiently sensitive and respectful of the complex trajectories characterising the region’s development (or lack of it). It is through this knowledge base that a useful sustainable development agenda for the region might emerge.
Keywords: Sustainable development, Knowledge, Agenda setting, Sub-Saharan Africa

Outlook 2008_Nwankwo et al-Itemid=.pdf
Outlook 2008_Nwankwo et al-Itemid=.pdf

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