(pp.309-318) L. K. Brackett and B. N. Carr ‘Sustainability marketing: US hotels vs. international hotel chains’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2014

Purpose – To determine whether US-only Hotels and US-based International Hotel Chains similarly promote sustainability marketing.
Design/methodology/approach – A qualitative exploratory research study reviewing the Website Marketing of the US-only Hotels and US-based International Hotel Chains.
Findings – The research indicates that there are differences in the sustainability marketing of US-only Hotels and US-based International Hotel Chains
Research limitations/implications – The scope of the study is limited to US-only Hotels and US-based International Hotel Chains. A review of the hotel websites is the single metric used to determine sustainability marketing; this is not a complete review of such marketing activities. Future research could address these limitations and more importantly, should research the reasons for the differences in the sustainability marketing.
Originality/value – This is a unique research study. The hotel industry has a diverse body of stakeholders due to its large market and impact on sustainability.
Keywords Sustainability marketing, Hotel marketing, US vs. international hotels, Qualitative research, Website marketing, Hotel sustainability
Paper Type Research paper
Outlook Brackett_Carr.pdf
Outlook Brackett_Carr.pdf

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