(pp.367-373) A. Abouzeedan and M. Busler ‘Optimization of organizing processes for global sustainable development: A proposed strategy’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2008


Abstract: To grant global sustainable and long lasting development of the world economies, the organizing processes and dynamics of today’s organizations and enterprises has to match the nature of the external environment within which companies are operating. This external environment has been under alternation and conversion in the last two decades due to the impact of the IT revolution. In this paper, we looked at recently introduced models which can be good assets determining the necessary components of the external environment so that organizations would achieve the objectives toward global sustainable development. We concluded the article by proposing strategies to optimize the utilization for these models. The proposed strategies fell into four groups: management-focused strategies, operational-focused strategies, entrepreneurial-focused strategies, and legislative-focused strategies. We also discussed the expected outcome of each of these strategies. We found the management-focused strategies and the operational-focused strategies to be most multidimensional while the last two strategies were only growth-oriented.
Keywords: Innovation balance matrix, Global sustainable development, e-Globalization, United theory of internationalization of SMEs, United theory of internationalization of mindset, Actor-network theory, Entrepreneurial remedy model, Entrepreneurial re-cycling model

1457725511wpdm_Outlook 2008_Abouzeedan_Busler2-Itemid=.pdf
1457725511wpdm_Outlook 2008_Abouzeedan_Busler2-Itemid=.pdf

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