(pp.169-180) Kumar, A. & Desai, P. N. “Mapping the Indian nanotechnology innovation system”


Purpose: The present paper aims to map out the Indian nanotechnology innovation system. An attempt is made to identify the dominant actors, collaborative pattern and analyse the role of and interactions between the actors and institutions.
Design/methodology/approach: A combination of frameworks such as national, sectoral and international system of innovation is used to include all possible actors and institutions involved. A scientometric analysis is also carried out.
Findings: Despite a series of government interventions discernible in various programmes since the 1980s, nanotechnology-based industries are yet to emerge as a dominant sector. The health sector has emerged as one of the major contributors. There are many other challenges of safety and standards, socioeconomic, ethical and environmental concerns. Academic R&D labs are active in technology transfer.
Originality/value: A scant literature is available for this sector in India and especially from the international innovation system framework to analyse the socioeconomic and risk governance issues.
Keywords: India, Innovation systems, International collaboration, Nanotechnolog
Outlook Kumar_Desai.pdf
Outlook Kumar_Desai.pdf
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