Importance of innovation in Sweden

Hanadi Mubarak AL-Mubaraki, Kuwait University, Kuwait
Michael Busler, Richard Stockton College, USA

Purpose: The dynamics of business contexts manipulate the way firms act in their industry. These changes can have effects in several areas within a company. Entrepreneurship and Innovation are two areas that are affected when a change in a firm’s environment occurs. The aim has been to fulfill the requests for knowledge on trends and initiatives for Europe and an analysis of Swedish competitiveness in innovation.
Design/methodology/approach: The case study of this publication devotes a special consideration to the question of whether the analysed innovation efforts have helped to move the companies towards new market and knowledge relationships.
Results: The Swedish case study emphasizes the value of the innovation centre in sustaining technological innovation through jobs creation and companies as well as through the nurturing of entrepreneurship spirit in a local community.
Keywords: Economic development, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

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