(pp.363-373) Omobolanle, O. et al. “Evaluation of nutrient composition of soft ‘unripe’ cheese (warankashi) produced with partial incorporation of cocoa powder”

OLORODE OMOBOLANLE, Department of Food Technology, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Nigeria
AROYEUN SHAMSIDEEN OLUSEGUN, Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Nigeria
BAMGBOSE ADEFUNKE, Department of Food Technology, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Nigeria

Purpose: To investigate the nutrient composition of Cheese produced with partial incorporation of cocoa powder into cow-milk.

Methodology: Cocoa powder was first made into solution. Fresh Cow milk obtained from Nomadic Fulani men and cocoa powder solution were mixed at ratios (90:10, 80:20, 70:30 and 60:40 v/v) while whole cow milk served as reference. Soft cheeses were produced using standard local method. Nutrient composition of the cheese samples was evaluated. Data obtained were analysed using SPSS 17.0 version.

Findings: Increase in proportion of cocoa powder solution in cheese caused significant (p , 0.05) changes in its nutrient. Protein, crude fibre and vitamin A increased from 8.90–12.61%, 0.76–1.01% and 169.00–204.00 mg/100 g, respectively. Fat declined from 7.19% to 5.94%. Some minerals also increased.

Practical implications: Possibility of cheese making with cocoa substitution to give improved nutritional values and reduced fat was revealed.

Value: Nutritional well-being of the populace from Nigerians who consume ‘warankashi’ will improve.

Keywords: cheese; ‘warankashi’; cocoa powder; protein; cow milk; fat.

Outlook 2015 - Omobolanle2.pdf
Outlook 2015 - Omobolanle2.pdf
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