Driving cycles as the tool to assess traffic demand management in Abu Dhabi

Ahmed Al Zaidi, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Purpose: This study uses driving cycle to investigate and assess traffic demand management (TDM) for a number of traffic corridors in Abu Dhabi. Driving cycle measurements have had many applications to date, including the evaluation of the driver’s behaviour and the performance of vehicles in a number of applications, in particular, for fuel consumption estimation and emission predictions.
Design/methodology/approach: One TDM measures is considered; bus lanes. At each corridor, a hand-held GPS device was used to record speed, acceleration, deceleration and distances driven at 1 second intervals.
Findings: Bus lanes are not a sustainable policy in all cases. These data enabled the analysis of driving cycles for buses and private cars.
Originality/value: Use of the driving cycle analysis to assess and evaluate transport policies.
Keywords: Traffic Demand Management (TDM), Driving cycle, Bus lane, Performance box, Speed of motor vehicles, Linear Regression Analyses
Paper type: Research paper

IJIKMMENA V2 N2 2013 Al Zaidi-Itemid=.pdf
IJIKMMENA V2 N2 2013 Al Zaidi-Itemid=.pdf
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