(pp.028-036) D. L. Rhoades and D. Petree ‘Aviation education in the Middle East: Sustaining growth and indigenous development’, World Sustainable Development Outlook, 2004


Abstract: The Middle East, particularly the Gulf Coast region, is experiencing major growth in both airlines and airport infrastructure. At the present time, much of this growth is being sustained through the use of expatriates who make up from 20-60 percent of the total workforce in this region. While there are a number of programs in higher education aimed at the aviation/aerospace industry, most are in Western nations and the flow of Middle Eastern students into these programs has been severely limited by the events of September 11th. This paper examines regional needs in aviation education and efforts to meet them through the establishment of local centres of aviation education.
Keywords: Aviation education, airlines, airports, Middle East, higher education

2- DAWNADANIEL-Itemid=.pdf
2- DAWNADANIEL-Itemid=.pdf

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