The following papers have been submitted for consideration:

‘Fission and Fusion’: Peace, Security and Migration Issues in Contemporary Europe

Vulnerabilities, Radicalisation and Extremism in Europe: The African connection

Appraising the entrenching of sustainability into government procurement in Sub Saharan Africa: results from the public sector in South West Nigeria.

Poverty reduction through enabling factors

Benchmarking of academic studies of dietitians in King Abdulaziz university – A comparison with the European standards

The competitiveness of energy-intensive industries in EU’s last members

Revisiting the welfare economics of moral hazard

Why integration policies matter from Middle East immigrants in France

An economic analysis of potential GCC economic and monetary union for sustainable development—Drawing from the European experience

Europe: wither the fortress around the Mediterranean and Africa?

FDI spillover effects on Asia-Pacific sustainable productivity growth

Management of medical technology for sustainable reliability

Practice of anthropometry for adolescents in Saudi Arabia and the need for sustainability of the practice: lessons from the UK

State level achievements of MDG- indicators in India during 1993-94 – 2013-14

Review of the effects of insurgency on sustainable healthcare development in north-east Nigeria

An inquiry into success factors influencing the choice of a beneficial foreign market

The success of incubators, accelerators and innovations: A case study

Ramadan fasting among pregnant women with diabetes: an international neglected phenomenon

Small entrepreneurs finance by Islamic banks: an empirical review

Sustainable development and radiology

Nutrigenomics: use of personalized diet to prevent The onset of disease and optimize human health

The use of green materials and systems in UAE construction projects – A baseline study

Assessment of the impacts of harsh weather on use of sustainable transport options: the case of Dubai

Exploring the challenge for future sustainable development in power sector

Rhetorical bottomless basket case vs Bangladesh’s success with the MDGs

Framework for a decision matrix in green project management processes

Study the variability of water quality in a large distribution network

Impact of teamwork skills on students’ creativity: a case of classroom educational program

Soil productivity and food security in Sudan: current situation and challenges

The involvement of nutraceuticals to sustainable healthcare in Europe in the context of depression