The following papers have been submitted for consideration:

Innovation programs driven development in the knowledge economy: Quantitative approaches

Hand grip strength, body mass index and anthropometric measurements among female university students: a preliminary data in Bahrain

Creating a Sustainable Development Index from the Islamic perspective: a research agenda

The impact of neuromarketing advertising on children: intended and unintended effects

Socio-ecological resilience of Barangay Bukay Pait Communities: implications for sustainable development

Toward a theoretical framework between opportunity entrepreneurship, institutions and economic development

Enhanced Knowledge Discovery in Data Mining (KDDM) for better decision making related to student academic performance in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs)
Challenges faced by MSMEs exporters in India, a survey
Design supply chain performance management System (PMS) using Balanced Scorecard Framework in mining company: case study of Supply Chain Management Division PT Freeport Indonesia

Food security and household coping strategies during disasters in Bangladesh

Investigating the role of information security management in smart city organizations

Research on smart and sustainable cities in Brazil: a bibliometric study in academic journals and in master's and doctoral programs of Business Administration

Building child friendly cities in the MENA region

Knowledge Management and high performance in financial institutions: the mediating effect of the HPO framework

Board Gender Diversity: A Review of the Literature

Experimental application of Centrifugal Separation Techniques “CST” on reclaiming produced wastewater from Oil Refinery, Khartoum State

Redesign a neighbourhood in a sustainable standards

Optimization of treated sewage effluent utilization for landscape irrigation in Abu Dhabi City

The impacts of climate changes on agriculture and patterns of human migration in the Rural areas of Gedarif State, Eastern Sudan

Bioeconomy and its connection to knowledge-based economy

Influence of chlorsulfuron and 2,4-D on management of Striga hermonthica on sorghum

Resource security in the Gulf Council Countries: mapping supply risks and global change drivers

End-users’ satisfaction with the quality of innovative healthcare technologies in Bahrain: a case study of hospital information systems
IPMS, Malcolm Baldrige, and Success Mapping Combination for Performance Management System Designing in PTFI OH&S Division

Nutritional status of inpatient drug addicts and the impact of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) intervention on recovery

Cupping and Diet: an argument and proposal in Kidney Disease and Dialysis

Closing the digital divide: a path towards sustainable knowledge-based inclusive development

Are we maximizing the economic role of women in India?
Bahrain Parks: cloud platform for planning, designing and managing public parks

Impact of SMEs financing on business growth in Nigeria: A study of Keffi and Mararaba Metropolis

Built form and social sustainability: case of neighbourhoods in Western Ahmedabad

Roof gardens application in hot climate (Jubail Industrial city case study)

Screening of rhizospheric petrolium hydrocaron degrading bacteria
Sustainable intra GCC trade - too little to analyze or are we missing something?

Water governance and technologies in the South-West national capital region of Delhi: challenges of transformative sustainable change
Re-writing medical textbooks- a prerequisite for building better clinicians in Africa
An investigation of the utilization of energy and water conservation technologies in Bahrain: entrepreneur opportunity

FDI inflows spillover effect implications on the Asian-Pacific's catching up process

Entrepreneurship education & training: a gateway towards a diversified and knowledge-based economy in Qatar
Impact of junctions on the Performance of Position-based Routing Protocols for VANETs: a case study-smart cities

Potential of Vangueria madagascariensis. as a source for un-conventional oil in Sudan
Residual effect of Integrated Nutrient Management on growth and yield parameters of rabi chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) under cropping system

Sustainable Growth and Development: Why do Digital Disruptions Matter?
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